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PARADISE [ par-uh-dahys, -dahyz ]:  A place or state of pure happiness. A condition that fulfills one’s desires.

Helping You Help Your Customers

If you have a client that's thinking of exiting their business, help them navigate the process with a complimentary copy of No Regrets, How To Grow Then Exit Your Business, Emotionally and Financially Strong.

Simply complete the form below, along with your custom message. Once received, we will prepare a package with a No Regrets, How To Grow Then Exit Your Business, Emotionally and Financially Strong hardcover book and a handwritten note and send to your customer.  You will receive email notification once your package is in the mail.
All at no cost to you. 

Questions? or 612-393-4180

Glass Building

How to Grow and Then Exit Your Business, Emotionally and Financially Strong!

"Running a business without an EXIT STRATEGY is like running a marathon without a finish line." 
- Paul Niccum

No Regrets Book Paul Niccum 3.jpg

Meet The Author

After building six businesses and selling numerous companies to large publicly held companies, Paul Niccum has faced the same fears and emotional concerns that all sellers face. As both a seller and a buyer—Paul has also acquired eight businesses during his career—Paul is passionate about sharing the lessons he’s learned about selling businesses.

Of the hundreds of lessons Paul’s learned, he is adamant about teaching sellers how to properly sell their businesses so they don’t walk away with emotional regrets.

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Educational Resources


Paradise Capital helps you educate your business customers on the importance of Exit Planning.  Even if they don't plan to exit today.  

We offer webinar and in-person presentations.  

Review a sample and contact

Paradise Capital at to schedule an Exit Planning education session for your institution. 

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