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International Packaging, Inc.

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Services: Exit Planning and Valuation, Growth, and Sale

Exit Planning and Valuation

Paradise Capital guided IPI's owner through an emotional consideration of selling the business, resulting in a "No Regrets" exit plan that addressed his financial and personal goals. We also provided a business valuation, which helped the owner understand the market value of the business and set an agreed-upon sale price.


Paradise Capital repackaged the company's offerings, refined target markets, and developed buyer profiles to prepare it for sale. They then targeted strategic buyers aligned with the company's market position and found one that aligned culturally, brought expertise, and enhanced the operation. The owner now acts as a brand ambassador, maintains key relationships, and will benefit from a "second bite of the apple" as part of the sale.

Positioning For Sale

The company consisted of three separate but adjacent companies operating under one roof and maintaining individual financials. Paradise Capital restructured IPI by merging its three separate companies into one and buying out minority ownership rights of family members. This reduced financial complexity and eliminated potential roadblocks for potential buyer.

Sales and Marketing

To boost the company's online presence, we developed a tailored marketing plan that included updating its website and launching a consistent digital marketing strategy. Our proactive approach demonstrated the company's growth commitment to potential buyers through active marketing efforts. Online campaigns helped the sales process and increased engagement with customers and prospects

Real Estate

The buyers wanted the company but didn't want to purchase the real estate.  To help IPI divest its real estate asset, Paradise Capital structured a sale-lease back capitalizing on a hot market which was timed perfectly with the sale. The buyers acquired the business and leased the real estate. The real estate was then sold to a commercial real estate investor at market rates with a long-term lease in place, freeing up capital for the seller.

No Regrets Outcome

Jon Butkovich Joins the Team! After 30 years of running and owning International Packaging, Inc., Jon recently made the tough decision to sell. With achieving his well-planned exit and based on the positive outcome and experience of partnering with Paradise Capital to grow and sell his business, Jon has joined the team where he can share what he learned with other business owners considering exiting.

The Team

Our team of experienced business professionals brings 50+ combined years of marketing, communications, finance, business planning, and acquisition services gained from working with a wide variety of companies in the graphics communications industry, such as Deluxe Corporation, Toppan Merrill, Customgraphix Printing,

and many more.

Paul Niccum, CEO Paradise Capital

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