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Exit Strategy Questionnaire

What is an exit strategy?  An exit strategy is your business road map.  The route you take that will lead you to exiting your business without any regrets.   The best reason for an exit strategy is to optimize a good business situation and build a road map to your ultimate dream exit. 


An exit strategy doesn’t tell you how to sell your business. It tells you why you’re selling that business, what elements of the sale are negotiable and what elements are not. It helps you identify when you want to sell and which elements of the sale need further research.

Please think about and respond to the following questions.  The questions are designed to help you think about the real reasons for your exit, what you hope to achieve, and how your exit will impact the business and the employees. 

First, we need to gather some information about you and then we will dive into your Why's, What's, Won't's, and When's

The information gathered is completely confidential and accessible exclusively to your advisory team.

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