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Space Walk
(Inflatable Zoo, Inc)

- Confidential Information -

Confidential Information Memorandum

This Offering Memorandum is being furnished by Paradise Capital only to those prospective parties that have made a specific request for information regarding
(Space Walk or the Company) with the intention of determining any interest in submitting an offer to acquire the Company and have subsequently executed a valid Confidentiality Agreement.


The Offering Memorandum is intended to provide a prospective purchaser with pertinent preliminary information regarding Space Walk (Inflatable Zoo, Inc.).

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Expected Timeline

Letters of Intent


December 1, 2021

February 15, 2022

Space Walk Overview

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Additional Information

Interested parties often ask questions about the company.

We compile those questions for review and update this document frequently throughout the offering period.

No new FAQs at this time.

Download Frequently Asked Questions
Glass Building

More About The Company 

Space Walk Business and Inventory Managment System Technology Overview 

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